Trancoso is a small village in the Southern State of Bahia in the Discovery Coast of Brazil that was rediscovered in the late '70s by a group of hippies.  Back then, the village was simply a row of humble fishermen shacks lining the square with a church at the far end overlooking the sea. Today, the famous grassy square is better known as the Quadrado, and was declared a heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

The town plan, modeled on the first Indigenous villages, was created by the Portuguese Jesuits who habited Trancoso during the years that succeeded the discovering of Brazil and keeps up to date. This model of urbanization respected local customs that were originally part of the Indian culture long before the Jesuits arrived- marriage was only granted between two members whom lived on opposite sides of thelawn/square.

Due to its stunning nature and wonderful beaches, Trancoso attracts people from the world over. Architects, craftsmen, artists and designers have found the inspiration here to develop, together with local artists and craftsmen, their own style, and are recognized and respected in Brazil and abroad.