Getting There

For the people who are coming from outside of the country, most international flights arrive in Sao Paulo, Salvador or Rio de Janeiro. Then it’s necessary to get a domestic flight to Porto Seguro - around 2 hours from here by car. 

After landing in Porto Seguro, there are two ways to get to the Pousada Etnia:

Option 1: By car - a shuttle can be scheduled from the airport to the Pousada or you can rent a car. Crossing the Ferry Boat Porto Seguro / Arraial D'Ajuda + 40 km of paved road or getting the BR 367 and going up to 001 Clover BA + 60 km until Trancoso. Etnia Pousada is located in the center of Trancoso.

Option 2: By helicopter or private jet, landing at TerraVista Airport (6km from the center of Trancoso).